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17 de Febrero de 2019


  • Folding with front opening.
  • Great storage capacity and a practical front opening.
  • Ideal for all kinds of mattresses.
  • Combines rest and storage capacity.
  • Light, robust and easy to handle design.
  • Totally silent: no noise nor vibrations.
  • Maximum use of space.
  • Hyper-rigid, tubular structure monohull, antivibration and no-deformable. 
  • Rubber intelligent terminals, progressive, multiorientation and adaptable 
  • Modular and independent system for regulating the flexibility of the slats in the lumbar area 
  • Totally silent: no noise nor vibrations.  T
  • The sheets help the body to rest in a totally upright position. 
  • Available in all the width and length measurements.

  PVP: from 585 €