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17 de Febrero de 2019

The Q7 magnet bike is smoother and more silent than static bikes thanks to the magnetic resistance system which it incorporates for movement. With this bike you can have a full workout without leaving home: buttocks, quadriceps and lower leg.

  • Ergonomic design with reinforced structure
  • Designed for household use
  • Magnetic operating system
  • Silent magnetic control resistance de average outer half.
  • Bike measurements: 98x50x125 cm
  • Wheel weight:4,5 kg
  • LCD microcomputer which has the following functions: scan, time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate monitor.
  • Maximum grip of pedals.
  • Padded seat which optimises comfort when using, height adjustable
  • It has 8 magnetic resistance levels for gradual use.
  • Stabiliser bars which generate greater grip during use.
  • Maximum user weight:120 Kg.

  • Scan: shows each function in sequence for a few seconds
  • Time: displays the workout time
  • Speed: displays the current speed of the movement, revolutions per minute when pedalling.
  • Distance: displays the distance travelled during the workout
  • Calories: displays the calories burned during the workout
  • Pulse: displays the number of heartbeats per minute (BFM) provided that both hands are kept on the handlebar heart rate monitor for reading.

 PVP: 299 €